Thursday, January 10, 2008


the lighting is being adjusted, the librettos have been handed out, the stage is set. the climactic movement in metals rehearses behind the curtain.

options resistance for Febuarry (new spelling for a new pronunciation, where we roll the rrs with our tongue, to make the month more exotic...) gold has clearly been 900 (disproportionately large number calls of sold with that strike). the high today was 899.9. March silver has been testing its highs of last November (remember?). the bimetallic ratio begins to inch lower, lower, to the number of pages in my unbegun novella, Phi: the Meaning of Things to Come. 55.

look where stockcharts has the ratio on a closing basis today:

I'm using any oversold conditions (in terms of RSI) on the five minute chart to add to my silver long position. hopefully the market gyrates for a bit before the curtain opens. but in truth I have no inkling when our move will commence. could be an hour, could be two weeks. patience.