Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gov't to End Food Bubble -- Gartman Letter Proclaims

another thing of note in Nadler's piece that I referenced earlier is newsletter writer extrodinaire, Dennis Gartman's, about-face on gold. that he's turned bearish now is understandable, but the rationale provided (at least in the bloomberg article) takes the grand prize for non-nonsensicality. Governments are Gonna Solve (!!) The Food Inflation Problem?

now I recall that two and half years ago this Gartman fellow refused to entertain the theory that Governments could possibly be intervening in and manipulating the Gold Market. now the same chap's gotten it into his head that the Politicians and Bureaucrats of the world are going to collude in the Grain Markets. and collude to the benefit of the world's poor no less!

then I watch this video interview of Gartman, circa $1000 gold, wherein he proclaims the bull marches on. poor guy. he's quite obviously confused when it comes to the topic eternal. I wish I could help. wait, maybe I can...

dear Mr Gartman:

does the gold market confound you? are you afraid of giving bad advice to your subscribers ('including large hedge funds and securities companies')? do you wish you had someone to call who had an inkling about precious metals? well, now you do. telephone Lucas Elam, Editor of Trend and Value, at the number below. that's me. I'm available anytime, unless I'm sleeping, drinking, out on the town, or in the Jungle. consultations are free.


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