Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Bubble's Back -- Gartman(!) Proclaims

Trend & Value's favorite letter writer to 'large hedge funds and securities companies', Dennis Gartman(!), pisses on Dr Atkins grave and declares that it's now time to buy grains again.

watch the Bloomberg clip here.

long-time readers Know that Trend & Value has been bullish on food stuffs pretty much since inception. and never once did I tell anyone to sell. but I'll tell you to buy some more when I damn well feel like it. usually what happens when Gartman(!) gets on TV is that the market he's pumping moves his way for a couple weeks (give or take) and then collapses back down. patience.

he also says he's going to let other people trade gold for a while. how considerate. but judging from the price action this morning it doesn't seem like his replacements read the manual. pretty erratic.

and despite the Great News about the housing market, the Nippy's still kickin' the Dollar's butt this morning. breaking the 109.55 Knee Jerk support as I post this.