Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hype For Sale

it feels nice when hunches pay off. the last several days I've been dropping hints (here, here, here). hopefully at least a few readers have acquired a knack for reading into my mumblings. but for those who would prefer my insight/opinion in a more specific, timely and/or explicit manner, I should point out that I am available for private consultations pretty much around the clock and at quite reasonable rates.

now that we've got that Word from Our Sponsor out of the way, let's take a look at the current Standings:

CRB Index -- great big head and shoulders in the making. schau mal:

the most-read page on Bloomberg today features an article stating that commodities are heading 'for their biggest weekly gain in 33 years.' yeah, buy the hype if you want. personally, I'll be selling it to you out of my inventory as soon as the price gets marked up a little more.

by the way, Gary at Biiwii has a similar take on the commodity situation. you may want to keep following what he has to say also.

and I guess I should mention that the Natural Gas / Crude Oil Ratio isn't exactly going the direction I was looking for. still could turn around, but for now it's not following the script. Gas is up of late. it's just that Oil's up more.