Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sell! - AMD, ALO, CY, FRX

Trend & Value has recommended a total of four (4) stocks this year (that I remember..). that in itself must be a record for a financial publication. but just in case Hulbert's keepin' track I now recommend that you SELL all four. why? cus they are up right now, and just because I don't own stocks don't think I don't Know that you make money on 'em when they're up when you sell. two are up up, in that you would have profited from buying when I told you to. and two are higher than they were a couple weeks ago, so it's a good time to cut yer losses.

on January 29 2008 I recommended FRX (-5.6%), ALO (+89.79%) and CY (+41.17%). on May 12 2008 I suggested buying AMD (worst call of the year! -17.18%).

so let's just suppose you bought an equal dollar amount of each of those four, that's an average return of 27%. S&P 500 is down from the beginning of the year, down from the end of January and down from the middle of May. good thing I didn't recommend very many stocks this year, or a I probably wouldn't have been as lucky.

so to summarize, if you bought those stocks (don't worry, you didn't) I am suggesting you sell, so Trend & Value's track record will look good this year, just in case a ratings service is keeping track (they're not).