Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to Basic Cable

via Drudge:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Urgent efforts to lash together a $700 billion rescue plan for the national economy broke apart Thursday night, hours after key lawmakers had declared they had reached a deal.
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sped to Capitol Hill to try to revive or rework the proposal that the administration says must be quickly approved by Congress to stave off economic disaster.

this is all just classic scare-mongering, the type of sales tactics one would come across at a Gold dealer's office.

I'm not sure if this fear approach is going to work. the Dow is down 5.5% from two years ago. it's up 5.5% from three years ago. unemployment's not the lowest ever, but not extremely high either. so house prices have come down some, but half the country's probably happy about that.

look guys, if you wanna be heroes and 'rescue' the economy and alleviate suffering and ensure there's a packet of chicken flavoring in every pot, then let the People feel your pain. let the Dow drop a quick 2000 points next week. let a few mid-west banks fail at the same time the FDIC's computers are hacked by Russian intelligence (or something). shut down a few thousand ATMs in Florida.

The American People (collectively) have no fucking clue what yer talking about.

Show, Don't Tell

Update: click here for an entertaining account of The Last Supper. (also via Drudge)