Thursday, September 4, 2008

didn't I mention the word Chaos the other day?

before I get into other stuff, let me just say that Gold and Silver are scaring the fuck out of me. are the managers actually buying back shorts every time Silver slips back to the 12.60ish mark? or is this just a headfuck before they... well... while we ponder that question let's watch a short video clip:

(don't play this at work!)

as I've mentioned before, the major reason I keep this weblog is to call the major turns in metals. I had been just so patient with this correction, then all of a sudden I blurt out that I'm bullish and voila! inside of twelve hours the situation looks more precarious than ever. so at this point I just gotta plead ignorance.

but on the bright side it was a good day for just about all my other open tips or hints or whatever - just don't use the word recommendation - see disclaimer.

Bonds - Up.

Stocks - Down.

Yen - Up.

and my two most recent:

Coffee - Up nicely.

Sugar - Up marginally.

still scratching my head about how I picked about the only two commodities that weren't down on the day.

if yer new to Trend & Value, I welcome you to review my posts over the last month or so (archives over to the right) to see what I wrote about the markets above. normally I would link up to the pertinent posts, but I'm boycotting links for now. I'm pretty sure no-one ever clicks them anyway.