Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Donkey Reflation

well the market has finally surprised me a wee bit. since Trend & Value last addressed the subject, the intrade market has seen a 10 point swing in favor of Obama. today's movement has been impressive:

over two weeks ago I wrote:

at this point we should expect a lot of back and forth the next four or five weeks. say roughly between 45 and 55. the media will do everything they can to keep this race jumbled for as long as possible. the pendulum or whatever should start to swing back Obama's way pretty soon. but how forcefully?

so on the one hand I'm satisfied that the market did in fact swing back, but the ease with which my preferred resistance has just been pierced leads to uncertainty about my overall analysis of the election.

McCain says he's 'suspending' his campaign. going back to Washington to try and fix in a couple weeks what took over 100 years to rise and fall. Untergang des Kreditlandes.

suddenly everyone's gloom n doom. same crowd that was telling us a year or two ago that the economy's great, happy hour's been extended, salud! and gesundheit! to the gentleman in the back, the roach still has plenty of hits for everyone, toke and pass!

I pumped this fucking story for 8 years, yet now that it's here (as in 'in yo face, sucka') I'm pretty uninterested in it. sure, I'm looking forward to fishin' through my pocket for the krugerrand that I'll use to pay for my Continental R. and then I'll take a cruise with all the bitches sayin swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride...

oh, was that out loud? oops.

anyhow, back to The Man (He just came out of the Closet) and this latest socio-economic bukkake scene.

these recent proposals are but the second attempt at the Cartelisation of Capital. the first was the 'privatisation' of Social Security. the current scheme has the advantage of being motivated by fear. 'if we don't spend this money you will lose your job, your premium cable, and your daughter will be indentured to a Chinaman for a Trade Dollar!!' what goes around...

well, Trend & Value believes that things will get better. and the faster the banking system collapses, the faster things will get better. but it's a given that the Powers of the moment are intent on prolonging this bad trip into the morning. and so while a new day is dawning, the High Rollers of yesterday are busy holding up convenience stores for gatorade and camel lights.

I'm cutting off this post before it degenerates any further.