Sunday, September 7, 2008

Donkey Show

a couple readers have asked why I keep referring to the Democratic Ticket as a 'Donkey Show'. ah, um, well I guess they didn't grow up in California and take any weekend trips to Tijuana as teenagers...

here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

A donkey show is a form of live entertainment that is a semi-popular sex-tourism performance in Mexico. It is common for taxi drivers in Ciudad Juarez, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to offer tourists a ride to see a "donkey show."[citation needed] Donkey shows are performed (or have been performed) in the red light districts of each of these cities. The primary purpose of such shows is to entice tourists to drink copious amounts of alcohol while waiting for the show to begin. In most instances, an actual donkey show will be performed, but patrons may need to wait until the crowd size is considered large enough to begin the show (and liquor sales have been sufficient).[citation needed] On the rare occasion, the show might not be performed and the disgruntled patrons eventually leave.[citation needed] Also, there have been reports of some tourists (especially those traveling alone) being offered rides to see such shows, and instead are taken to a remote location to be robbed.[citation needed]

(emphasis mine)

but why are you reading Trend & Value for political commentary? as usual the great IOZ has it covered today.