Friday, September 19, 2008


interesting couple days.

just as the daily readership of Trend & Value has started to reach a level at which I don't feel like it's a complete waste of time to actively update the site, my desire to keep up an analysis of stocks, currencies, bonds or commodities has largely vanished.

I am now completely focused on Gold. I don't care about the Dow, or the Yen, or Treasurys, or mining stocks, or the price of fucking Crude Oil. I hardly even give a crap about Silver (though I am long a fair amount).

currently I expect the price to drift over the next several days (weeks?), likely with a somewhat downward bias. a test of 800 would come as no surprise. But Then... then I'll be looking for another violent spike above 900, followed by another drifting phase. below is an extremely crude depiction of my outlook, which will most certainly be adjusted as events unfold.