Monday, September 1, 2008

Shotgun Election!

"how many fucking kids does this woman have?" Candice asks as she reads the news.

"that's a good question!" I shout back from the other room.

personally, I can't wait till the CBS miniseries airs.

then the other day that shill for gun control and 'free' health care gets on cable TV and says, "this Gustov is Proof that there is a God in Heaven."

edit: I just couldn't stand having that fat fuck's face on my blog so I took out the embedded youtube vid. click here to watch it directly on youtube.

as IOZ says, it all really is fucking hilarious.

oh and in honor of Labour Day and the political season I'll put up another Rush song, The Trees:

there has not been a single meaningful contribution to Political Philosophy since that song was recorded.

I'm kinda liking this vacation mode I'm in, so I might keep it up for a few more days. may not be too many posts this week. we'll see.