Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Genius Of The Crowd

"We only had enough money to pay certain bills," Danielle Delorey said. "So we got a little behind on other bills."

Relatives co-signed to help them get a car loan, and it has been nearly impossible to qualify for a mortgage.

"It's so frustrating, 'cause we want to own our own home, and you would think the government would be there to help to get the economy out of this," she said.

But with the nation in economic turmoil, the circumstances have changed dramatically from the wide availability of bargain mortgage and interest rates accessible just a year ago.

"It makes it nearly impossible with the standards being so high, so what happens to the normal people?" asked Andrew Delorey.

that's an excerpt of this ABC article.

I worked in the mortgage 'industry' back in the day. this really is how Sub-Prime America thinks. not just dumb, but spoiled. another Bukowski clip:

Update: the video above seems to be loading awfully slow. if you are having problems with it try the version on the link below. I prefer the one above, as it doesn't have any unneeded graphics or music.