Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Monetary and Mental Health Act

With each permutation, the bill has steadily grown in size. Treasury’s initial plan was about three pages long. The House version, which failed, stretched to 110. The Senate substitute now runs over 450 pages. And tucked away in the tax provisions is a landmark health care provision demanding that insurance companies provide coverage for mental health treatment—such as hospitalization—on parity with physical illnesses.

"Among persons categorized as mentally ill, there are two radically different types. One is composed of inadequate, unskilled, lazy, or stupid persons; the other, of protestors, revolutionaries, those on strike against their relatives or society." -- Thomas Szasz

now ask yourself, which type of person do you suppose this 'landmark health care provision' is designed to 'help'?

Geldpolitik and Institutional Psychiatry are actually quite similar to one another, in that they both invent a problem and use State Power to 'solve' the problem. so it should come as no surprise that the two will now fly under the same flag.

I can't wait for them to throw in a provision to further manipulate chronographic affairs. then we'll call the bill the 'Etatist Trinity'. Money-Mind-Time, the God-Head.