Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Discounts -- HTY, NAI

following up on my previous post here are a couple other closed-end funds currently at huge discounts to their Net Asset Values:

John Hancock Tax Advantaged Global Shareholder Yield Fund (HTY) is priced 33% below NAV. a similar style as IGA, but as the name indicates this one tries to save you money on taxes.

Nicholas-Applegate Intl Premium & Strategy Fund (NAI) invests in non-US equities. also 1/3 off.

NAI can be compared to EFA, the popular ETF. here is a chart of NAI's performance relative to EFA:

if the discount on NAI is still big next week (no guarantees it will still be 33%) then long NAI and short EFA could be an interesting trade.


do your own due diligence, cus I sure as heck haven't done it for you.