Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Site Sponsor (You!)

after careful deliberation and consultation with the marketing and business manager, Trend & Value has decided to abandon the philanthropic aesthetic that we have all come to love.

at the top of the page you will notice a solicitation to donate to Trend & Value. your donations will help ensure that this weblog stays free of pesky advertisements and also stays 'small'.

why do I want to stay small? well, it's not for me. no, it's for you. surely you understand the advantage of having only a few hundred co-readers as opposed to, say, one hundred thousand.

additionally I expect the prospect of money being sent to me voluntarily by satisfied readers to improve the quality of the content I put out. the format of the site isn't going to change drastically, but I intend to start delving into things more in depth and being more specific in my outlook for individual markets.

donations can be made in the form of a Gift Card from these are safe, private, secure and all that. and if you have an account already this is going to be ridiculously simple for you to do.

Just Click Here And Enter '' As The Recipient Email.

but if you're some weirdo who doesn't have an account already you can sign up for one by clicking here. (it'll only take a minute.) then after you get signed up don't forget to go here and send me some money.

of course, as with all good promotions, this too has a Gimmick. if you donate $25 or more I will post a review of the charity of your choice. I promise to speak well of it, and, at your request, I can even include your name and/or your company's name and website in the write-up.