Friday, October 10, 2008

Theriaca Maxima

This pharmacist seemed by his name, Morterero, to be destined for his profession. In fact, the Mortereros, father and son, had presided over the pharmacy in Campisábalos since the seventeenth century. The walls were lined with jars of Talavera ware, and of the best period, which is the end of the seventeenth century. On their rounded surfaces one saw, along with the blue decorations, blue letters which spelled Latin and Spanish names out of the old pharmacopoeia; oil of sweet almonds in one, iron from Madrid in another, in a third, the "toenail of the great beast" ...In one corner stood a little cupboard full of very small bottles containing poisons. This cupboard was closed with a glass door on which was painted an eye, the famous watchful eye of the pharmacist.

But what most impressed me was to see the center, as if presiding over that democracy of remedies, a great Talavera jar on whose bellied surface I read for the first time in my life, "
Theriaca Maxima," a name which would forever give me a great deal to think about. You know what Theriaca Maxima is--when all hope in medicaments had been lost, the doctor decided to put all the principle medicines together in a single potion. At times there were more than seventy of them. This potion was then administered to the sick man, in the hope that one of the seventy, or a spontaneous combination of several of them, would produce the cure not achieved by other means. As you see, this "maximum antidote" was invented in a state of despair about any single medicine....

that's an excerpt from José Ortega y Gasset's great work, An Interpretation of Universal History.

are you ready for the Theriaca Maxima that is about to be administered to the Global Economy?

what will this Theriaca Maxima entail? well, Everything of course, but I think it will mostly have something to do with Unlimited Free Money. but will UFM be able to offset the debt credit / fuck armageddon, this is hell / deflationary spiral collapse? we'll see. the show's just getting started.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

welcome to the Wonderful World of Conflation: a wholesale destruction of wealth and justice. the Weimar hyperinflation, the crash of '29, the rape of Nanjing, simultaneous, in slow motion, across the entire globe.

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