Saturday, November 1, 2008

Charts of BAC, BCS and MSFT

check out the pf price objective on BAC:

seriously, I copied that right off BAC's gallery view page at stockcharts. didn't tweek it at all.

oh and the Barclay's ADR, BCS hit a new low today.

I guess they're borrowing money from the Arabs first. then when that runs out they'll get them someadat gubmint money like the other banks are doing over there. but they should be applauded for wasting those people's money before they hit up the taxpayers.

why didn't Microsoft go up the last couple days? I've heard people saying how cheap MSFT is these days. heh, P/E's 11.80. not bad, but just wait till version 5.9 is introduced onto the market. a close below 21 and the deflation game's back on.

but if it gets above that down-trend line, there's a little gap at 26 it might gravitate to.

just some random observations at two in the morning.

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