Monday, November 10, 2008

Inside Days -- the Journal of a Speculator

this is the first installment of regular journal style posts. that's the plan anyway. but you Know I'm pretty flighty.

Candice is in the States for a month so I have her computer set up with my 'NippyIndex' demo account in the living room while the computer in my room has my trading account loaded. a lot of pacing back and forth between the two screens. but there's a mirror on the wall that I walk by to get to my room, so I get to check myself out multiple times an hour now. flip my hair back and such. which reminds me I should shower.

I can't quite put my finger on why, but for some reason I don't buy into this General Liquidity Rally one bit. so I shorted the Euro around 128.7 and got stopped out pretty quickly. shorted Gold at 754 and am about even on that at the moment. shorted the yen pairs with my index at 81.35 and now the index stands at 81.05 so that trade has a small profit as I write. but 81 marked the former resistance from early this morning so even if the index ends up falling it wouldn't surprise to see it hold this level at least till the US session opens. the best evidence that this rally is false would be a nose bleed opening gap for the currencies and stocks. but there the index just broke below 81.

recap after lunch or later in the evening.

oh and a little update... I got very nice letter from a reader last night. among other things he wrote:

...i do enjoy the occasional dips into your whip-smart streams of consciousness.

pessimism with a grin. arrogance with self-deprecating asides. bold assurance with dismissing apologies. i love it all. no joke.
for now, cheers. keep on keeping on. there are those out here enjoying the light.

I wrote back and offered this little Goethe couplet:

Ich bekenne mich zu dem Geschlecht
Der aus dem Dunkel ins Helle strebt