Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inside Days -- philosopher's twine

if you push on a string too much it starts to unravel.

my anticipated liquidity rallycito proved rather anemic. NippyIndex pushed a hair above 75 this morning, but has fallen back into the 73s the last hour or so. I rode it up for about 50 pips on the early pump that coincided with the Stock Markt open. luckily I got out at the right time. my OBO system really does seem to work, but you gotta be quick on the trigger. then when the sell signal was generated I went short the /JPY pairs, unfortunately they quickly started pushing higher and I ended up exiting at a loss. I happened to have sold out right at the top. then the index came back down an hit the original sell signal again so I shorted all the pairs again. still short as I write. with the Stock Markt breaking down here I may stay short for a while.

I see that Silver's below 9 now. the limit order I thought I placed last night was actually put in for 8.15 not 9.15. furthermore it was an order for a short sell. noticing this earlier this morning I decided it all amounted to a pretty good sign I didn't need to be trading any silver this week.

Mr Softie down as low as 19.10 today. I wonder how many people actually pay attention to what I write on this bloggie.

a philosopher has no need for rocks
just a little twine
to secure the contents of his box

update: exited /JPY shorts. I'd have prefered to stay short, but my system's downside target was hit. I'm going to stick to the system for now on. but oh, it hurts! index just keeps dropping. fuck it. lunch time.