Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inside Days -- well that sucks

the Australian Dollar just got fuckin' slaughtered on the 'No Bail-Out Tonight' news. though I deleveraged somewhat on the way down about an hour ago, I am still holding a pretty sizeable position (relative to my account size which is small). currency-wise pretty much the AUD got hit and not much else. I admit that this is something I didn't account for in my appraisal. so now I'm suffering some moderate paper losses, we'll see whether they develop into 'outsized' losses as the week draws to a close. I turned my trading platform off 45 minutes ago. I'll find out tomorrow if Ben the Vigilant or Pimp of the Year, Hank 'the Bank' come to the rescue overnight. here's Hank, aka FlyGuy, at the awards ceremony again:

never hurts to repost quality material.