Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's go bargain shopping!

Gosh, man, we can argue about Whole Foods until cows come home. Bottom line is that it is deep in gray territory, just like a lot of companies right now. Yes, some moron in the company's finance department blew a great debt arrangement. Hell, I went to business school. I know these guys. I sat next to them. So I am not going to talk about plus or minus indicators about why you should buy some fool-ass stock. 

Instead I am going to marvel about how I am in the same place I am back in December 2001---I'm actually running z-scores on investments which will only give me a 8% yields.  And this ain't even the real trash. Imagine going shopping for that. "Hello, I would like to purchase some sub-prime mortgage-backed securities... What kind of yield can I expect to get on that? 12%? Wow, what a deal! I'll take some..." Of course, back in Dec 2001, the deals were in tech stock. Everyone told me to stay away from the stuff. Told me that it is radioactive. Well I bought the stuff anyway and I never lost money on any of tech investments, save one (AOL, yeah I know, that was dumb.)

Point is, you gotta separate the hype from the reality. Back in Dec 2001, there were a lot of DBs (douche bags) running around, talkin out of their assholes. If you want an accurate picture of what's going on, you gotta ignore these guys. The Media is suspect number one. Do not listen to them. They are absolutely retarded sons-of-bitches completely obsessed with licking Obama's ass. Not reliable information. And neither are the Politicians. Ever since the "Zoo-Animal Freedom Act of 1933," they have been wide-ranging freely, going where-ever they please. Also, do not listen to Oprah, because she is the Devil. (I mean shit, take a look at her. She actually looks like a demon.)

Do this, listen to the numbers, listen to Lucas, and you will find some deals. But if you are going to follow this strategy, remember to take the whole shopping cart, not just the basket, and buy in small lots, because you will inevitably pick up some AOLs.