Friday, January 9, 2009

US Dollar Index delenda est

the US Dollar index is up 1.29% since the beginning of trading last Friday morning (01/02/09), as this performance chart of UUP, the USD Index ETF shows:

but Trend & Value thinks the USD Index, with its 57% Euro weighting, sucks, as it gives a very skewed picture of the currency markets. therefore, we have created new, equally weighted indexes for the major paper monies of the world. these Equal-Weight Currency Indexes should help us more accurately track the trends in the foreign exchange markets.

for example, while the popular 'trade-weighted' USD Index is up over one percent on the year so far, our Equal-Weight USD Index is actually down about .25% over the same period.

in the future I'll post on the blog more about these Equal-Weight Indexes, but those who want to get the latest Index values and currency markets analysis should subscribe to the daily Trend & Value Letter. receive a month of the letter for $28, or get three months for only $65. use the Google Checkout button at the top of the blog to sign up, or email and I'll send you an invoice.

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