Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the architecture of a bubble

in the Trend & Value Letter recently, I've been putting forth a theory of asset bubbles. the clock's been ticking so I have just been writing out my thoughts each day and using current and historical markets as examples. someday I will publish something of a scholarly article on the subject, but for now subscribers to the newsletter get to witness the formation of the theory as it, well, 'forms'. so far I think I'm on to something. something important. something that might very well make you some money this year if only you understood it. I'll 'go public' with the theory eventually and I dare say it might give me some prominence in the world of financial markets analysis. ...but by then it might be too late for you to really profit from it. so my suggestion is to sign up for the Trend & Value Letter now. use the payment button at the top of the blog.

oh, and I almost forgot. last Monday I had one of my daily Letters published at the Market Oracle website.

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