Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introduction to Currency Trading -- Private Course

I am offering an 8 hour course on Currency Trading.

Private, One on One Instruction conducted over the phone or Skype.

depending on your prior level of knowledge, I will teach you everything from how to set up a brokerage account, to chart analysis, trade execution and risk management.

Course can be split up into segments to fit your schedule.

the total cost for this 8 hour course is only $200.

but wait, that's not all...

sign up now (or whenever, really) and also receive a 3 month subscription to the Trend & Value Letter at no additional cost.

what I promise: to impart as much of my knowledge of forex trading and price analysis to you as possible in 8 hours.

what I do not promise: that you will instantly become a successful trader. most people have no business trading currencies (or other markets for that matter). but maybe you are different. if so, then maybe I can help.

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