Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IKN: "massive buying in Ecuador" -- Gold-Silver Ratio

according to Otto at Inca Kola News, Ecuador's President Ralph 'the Belt' Correa will announce on his radio show a plan to end Dollarisation and adopt the Gold Standard, as a cornerstone of his reëlection campaign.

Studmuffin was quoted last night as saying, 'everywhere I go, the gente tell me, "yo Studmuffin, fuck those Gringos and their paper dineros. we want the Nuevo Sucre del Oro!" so starting mañana, The Ecuador will only accept .9999 fine bullion for our Crude Oil and tasty bananas.'

the news has sent the Bimetallic Ratio to a new multi-generational high, IKN reports:

Chart of the day is.........

.....the Gold / Silver ratio.