Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trend & Value Letter -- another freebie for you at IKN

Otto got his hands on another one of my daily reports, and has made it available for public download. follow the link below to get your free copy.

Another Free Trend&Value Letter (but it's your last chance)

this is just a sample of the type of analysis that I send to subscribers five mornings a week. please evaluate what I have to offer. if you like it, you can sign up for a one month trial for $28. I also offer a three month subscription for only $65.

while my analysis isn't always 100% accurate, I don't Know of anyone else who has had a better track record forecasting the direction of the major financial markets these past couple years. this may sound like hubris, but frankly if I Knew of an analyst with a better overall grasp of the markets than I, then I would quit this business and go back to writing poetry and philosophy. (there's more money in that stuff than writing a financial newsletter, I'll tell ya!)

so go get your free copies of my newsletter from Otto and then come back to sign up with the payment thingie at the top of this blog page. (or email me for other payment options --

again, here's the latest freebie at IKN:

Another Free Trend&Value Letter (but it's your last chance)

and here's another one he posted a couple days ago:

Free for you: Today's Trend & Value Report from Lucas

Thank You for your consideration, I look forward to serving you.

best regards,

Kyle Ledbetter Lucas