Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everyone would gather on the Twenty Fourth of May...

happy Victoria's Day to all my Canadian friends and readers, eh. and yes I Know it was 'observed' last week. whatevea.

here's one of my favorite songs to kick off the Summer:

additionally, here in Ecuador 24 de Mayo is celebrated as one of the many independence type days. back in 1822, General Sucre kicked some Spanish ass on that little hill I can see across town, the one they call 'Pichincha'.

and of course tomorrow there is some official holiday in the States, though I can never remember what the significance of that is supposed to be. if you are grilling, I recommend first fire-roasting red bell-peppers (this takes a lot longer than you think), then as the fire hits its hottest point place your marinated, untrimmed, uncut two to four pound skirt steak on the grill. blacken each side for as much as five minutes each, then raise the rack and cover with a pan or something until the middle has reached your desired temperature.

meanwhile de-skin the peppers, cut cheese into thin slices, and when the big piece of meat is ready place it on a wooden cutting board and slice thin for sandwiches. I assure you that this is a much tastier and economical way to serve all your guests than trying to grill steaks for each person individually. and aside from the meat slices, the roasted peppers, good cheese and good bread, you should not need any other condiments or sauces or vegetables or nothing. (if someone asks for ketchup, kick them the fuck off yer property!)

but unfortunately, Doctor's orders have me confined to bed for two days. Friday night at the bar I was in a very competitive match of futbolín ('foosball'). The score was 8 to 8 against the reigning bar champions. all of a sudden my left knee totally collapsed from under me and I fell to the floor. Candice checked my patella, and it was still in place, so after a minute I stood back up and returned to finish the soccer match. of course we ended up still losing by a score of 11-9.

the main problem, according to Candice and the Doctor that came to see me the next day is that I continued to play foosball for another three hours instead of coming home and resting my leg. anyway I hope the injury isn't permanent.

one other thing about today's dates, or zone of dates -- happy birthday Tierchen! (you know I can never exactly recall what day it is..)