Friday, July 10, 2009

"gold bear market" -- blog search

ran a blog search on google this morning.

"gold bear market"

as of this morning the search yielded a total of 75 results, 4 of which were within the past month. most of the results refer the 1980/2001 bear market.

a related search,

"gold is in a bear market"

generated nearly 5000 results, but apart from good old 'Trader Dan' telling everyone not to worry last week, the most recent post dates back to December 2008.

drop me a line when these queries start yielding several new results a day.

here are the first few results from the second search:

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9 Jul 2009 by Dan Norcini
As long as the RSI reading stays above the 35 level or maintains its footing above any of the prior lows in the RSI as shown on this chart, it cannot be said from a technical basis that gold is in a bear market of any sort. ...
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The Technical Take: Gold v. EURUSD22 Dec 2008 by (Guy M. Lerner)
The longer term picture suggests that gold is in a bear market, and last week's explosive upside move was nothing more than a strong bounce into resistance. When I made the "call", gold was probing $875, and since then, the precious ...
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update: oh shoot, here's another one, by Larry Edelson. seriously, read it. this is my competition, folks...

Re-Inflation About to Send Gold and other Commodities Soaring ...11 Sep 2008
Does it look to you like gold is in a bear market? Heck no! Even if gold were to break the first uptrend line on that chart, it has major system support (not shown) between $735 and $763. While it's true that gold has fallen a bit ...
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