Thursday, July 23, 2009

The IKN Weekly: A free sample

Otto is giving away a sample of the Best Darn Newsletter This Side Of The Rio Grande, The IKN Weekly. click the following link to view the free offer:

The IKN Weekly: A free sample

(you can also just jump straight to the download page by clicking here.)

I myself read every issue of the IKN Weekly. this alone is a huge endorsement, as I do not read much of anything else on a regular basis. sure, I am lucky enough to get a free subscription and in exchange I send Otto my newsletter, but I can honestly say that Otto's newsletter is one of the most informative investment analysis services I have ever come across.

and for me it has also been very educational. Otto is a top notch fundamental analyst, which has always been an aspect of investments to which I never devoted much effort. but I feel like I'm getting lessons from a pro now.

in addition to fundamental analysis and well-considered (read 'profitable') stock picks, IKN Weekly also features Political and Economic intelligence specific to Latin America. if you want to make money in this part of the world, you have to Know the environment. and I doubt anyone in the investment arena has a better understanding of Latin America than Otto. those who do Know a thing or two about these parts are likely IKN readers.

So it is your lucky day, Mr Investor. click here to download the free issue of the IKN Weekly. then go to the Inca Kola News blog to sign up for the newsletter. it's priced at a very reasonable $25 a month.