Sunday, July 5, 2009

"it's a good day to die"

that's how El Comercio quoted Correa on the front page headline today.

if this 'mission from God' or whatever goes ahead here (plane's not permitted to land, parachutes anyone?) and there's a little shoot-'em-up or such, and Correa survives... he will become like Misther Latin America. Hugo and all the other ego trips in this part of the world should start practicing their second fiddles.

correction: Correa actually said 'Honduras would be a good place to die.' (Honduras seria un buen lugar para morir) next time I will read the headline myself instead of listening to my girlfriend translating it from the other room. either she translated it incorrectly (which would be pretty inexplicable) or I heard it incorrectly.

extension of correction: Candice explains that she quoted correctly, but thinks that the confusion arose when she went on to reference a line from the movie 'Flatliners':

“Today is a good day to die.”