Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adventures in Wave Theory -- The 5-3-5 "Expanded Zigzag"

another unusual wave formation we can postulate is the 5-3-5 'Expanded Zigzag' correction. it is similar to an 'expanded flat,' expect strictly speaking they say a flat is always a 3-3-5. we could just say go to hell with the text book and call this formation a 5-3-5 expanded flat, but I don't want to upset the terminology gods, so I have substituted zigag for flat.

I should note that in my own mind and most of my writings I use the term flat to describe a correction that is generally lateral in appearance (having a more or less double-top and a more or less double-bottom). perhaps I should be using the word 'line' instead of 'flat' for these directional descriptions.