Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Index Data

closing values for Wednesday, October 28, 2009:

Trend & Value 50 Index:

967.22 (down 1.89%)

Equity ETF Index:

950.71 (down 2.92%)

China Small Cap ADR 25 Index:

852.03 (down 7.24%)

Large Cap Dividend Top 50 Index:

979.09 (down 1.04%)

T&V Gold Stock Index:

586.85 (down 1.91%)


China small caps are down nearly 15% on the week so far. can we call this a crash yet? ...but, it does not seem that selling has become indiscriminate just yet. the Dividend index is holding up fairly well, indicating at least some demand for 'quality' or 'value'. if the demand for yield starts to collapse then all hell breaks loose. tick tock.

the biggest mover on the T&V 50 index was VALE, down 6.31%. EWZ was biggest mover in the Equity ETF index, losing 6.39% for today's session. ignore Brazil at yer peril, says Goldman Sachs. I couldn't agree more!