Friday, October 30, 2009

Index Data

closing values for Friday, October 30, 2009:

Trend & Value 50 Index:

960.85 (down 2.67%)

Equity ETF Index:

945.75 (down 3.20%)

China Small Cap ADR 25 Index:

869.05 (down 4.60%)

Large Cap Dividend Top 50 Index:

975.00 (down 2.00%)

T&V Gold Stock Index:

577.46 (down 1.49%)


every stock in the T&V50 down. every symbol on the ETF index down. every stock on the Dow down. 96.4% of S&P 500 stocks down. one note of caution for bears: the China small cap index held Wednesday's low, as did EWZ, the Brazil ETF, and SLX, the Steel ETF. plus, the price of Gold held up rather well today. I am not sure how important these anomalies are just yet, but they definitely need to be examined.