Friday, October 2, 2009

An Overview of Our Outllooks -- the most recent Trend & Value Letter

at the suggestion of a recent subscriber* I attempted to write a report that provides an overview of my forecasts for several different markets. I published the first part of the letter on Wednesday morning and finally got out the second part early this morning.

taken together the two part report consists of 3094 words, 9 chart images, and even a picture of George W Bush.

while the idea was to review several markets, in reality I only was able to touch upon 4 -- S&P 500, FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index (FXT), Government Bonds, and Gold.

sign up for one of the subscription options at the top of the blog today to begin with this report. I am confident you will find it worth your money and (most importantly) time.

*in an email a few days ago the subscriber in question had this to say about me:

I was drawn to you because of your eclectic, very creative, extraordinarily insightful approach to market analysis.

it remains to be seen how useful this gentleman finds the newsletter going forward but I am grateful that he thought enough of this blog (and perhaps some archived and excerpted newsletters) to give me a try.

oh, The Ne*l is trying to jump out the window, gotta run!