Friday, November 20, 2009

Nice Cuffs

a missing cuff link in the liquidity puzzle?

btw, here's a short excerpt from the Trend & Value Letter sent to subscribers early this morning:

The T-Bill Discount Rate went negative yesterday. I don't Know what exactly is going on, but something screwy is happening in the financial system. A couple days ago I saw some headline about some European Banks that might be in trouble again. A week before that the hyped trade was betting on a Japanese Government Bond default. WTF? Seems to me that big money is just putting feelers out on every potential 'black swan' they can think of to see if something gives. I guess that's to be expected in an environment where 'risk-free' yields nothing, and 'risk' has already been overly reflated. Hot money starts to look around for black swans. But a watched pot never boils, and Santa Claus never comes until the children fall asleep.

plenty of charts and analysis in the report too. sign up for one of the subscription options at the top of the blog and get today's report as a bonus.