Wednesday, November 18, 2009

search of the day -- 666 s&p low conspiracy

earlier today I got a visit to the blog from the following google query:

666 s&p low conspiracy

now I have been getting hits to my 666 post on a regular basis since March (even a handful before that) but this is the first time that a search has contained the word 'conspiracy'. and actually I am not sure where I have used the word on this blog ever.

I am not sure what would constitute a conspiracy about the S&P hitting 666, which was a valid technical target for anyone who had cared to review the index's price history.

but the really curious part of the search was that the domain name was the home page of an investment bank consultancy. then right after that the 666 post got several other hits from investment bank / hedge fund type domains.

why are what look to be reputable investment professionals suddenly interested in 666 in the context of a conspiracy?

I'm curious what the motivation was in looking into 666 + conspiracy. if the person who did the search reads this, I'd be interesting in hearing from him/her. off the record if you wish.