Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Index Data

closing values for Tuesday, December 15, 2009:

Trend & Value 50 Index:

1042.47 (down .36%)

Equity ETF Index:

1019.50 (down .62%)

China Small Cap ADR 25 Index:

1065.28 (up .56%)

Large Cap Dividend Top 50 Index:

1046.46 (down .33%)

T&V Gold Stock Index:

579.60 (down .95%)

General Liquidity Index:

1016.51 (down .43%)

BRIC Basic Materials Index:

1024.24 (down .55%)

Wonder Dogs ETF Basket:

408.33 (down .76%)


here's a chart of the General Liquidity Index since 11/4:

resistance is pretty clearly established now in the 1020 range. furthermore, momentum has been waning for a month now, as you can see from my super secret proprietary GLI momentum indicator:

the indicator is still above zero, so the world hasn't turned officially bearish yet, but the broad based reflation is looking more and more vulnerable.