Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Index Data

closing values for Wednesday, December 30, 2009:

Trend & Value 50 Index:

1051.81 (down .01%)

Equity ETF Index:

1031.94 (down .08%)

China Small Cap ADR 25 Index:

1046.85 (down .13%)

Large Cap Dividend Top 50 Index:

1056.31 (down .05%)

T&V Gold Stock Index:

577.47 (down .15%)

General Liquidity Index:

1023.24 (down .09%)

BRIC Basic Materials Index:

1016.71 (up .25%)

Wonder Dogs ETF Basket:

404.0 (unchanged)

Leaders of the Pack Basket:

848.50 (up .18%)


that is the third day in a row that the Wonder Dogs have closed at 404! the entire market was about as unchanged as you can get today. and you thought the Evenly Rotating Economy was just an abstraction! oh, maybe it's just the end of the year.

while not a part of any of the indexes above, I might point out that Goldman Sachs (GS) is looking decent:

no volume yet, but hey, no volume anywhere else either. one way to handle volume is to look at the security's activity relative to a benchmark. SPY usually works:

hey, death cross. maybe it's a contrary indicator! (:))