Thursday, January 21, 2010

IKN Weekly -- Give it a go

Otto devotes valuable blog space to promote his truly excellent newsletter. An excerpt:

Over at The IKN Weekly we know how to say 'goodbye' to stocks not just 'hello' and we don't just recommend buys and then leave you hanging there wondering whether it's time to book profits. Amid the banging and clattering of the market we've recently sold two of our 15 positions*. One has just nailed us a book profit of nearly 140% (and nearly everyone who bought into the stock will have cleared over 120%). The other gave us a 68% profit in almost exactly two months, from 1st reco date to sale time (and is now 16% lower than our sale price).

read the rest of the post and consider subscribing:

The Next IKN Weekly, Out Sunday 24th January