Monday, January 11, 2010

Index Data

closing values for Monday, January 11, 2010:

Trend & Value 50:

1071.74 (up .29%)

Foreign Blend:

7333 (down 4 pts)

China Small Cap ADR 25:

1140.14 (up .04%)

Large Cap Dividend Top 50:

1060.44 (up .56%)

Precious Metals Complex:

5015 (up .84%)

General Liquidity:

1046.84 (up .13%)

BRIC Basic Materials:

1096.71 (up 1.06%)

Wonder Dogs:

417.99 (down .10%)

Leaders of the Pack:

849.19 (up .36%)


is Mr Market tiring a bit? everything that was down has come back, so what is left to rotate into? I'm serious, what is there to buy that hasn't been bid up already? as I mentioned in my last post, there are 79 S&P stocks with RSI over 70, but none (0) (Zero) with RSI below 30. I mean, you can't even make an overbought/oversold ratio out of that.

also, remember how I was tracking the number of S&P stocks trading below the 20, 50, and 200 day moving averages? I looked at that screen again today. there are 5 (out of 500) on that list now. (JCP, HSY, GME, KR, BPI)