Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Index Data

closing values for Tuesday, January 12, 2010:

Trend & Value 50:

1065.87 (down .55%)

Foreign Blend:

7143 (down 190 pts)

China Small Cap ADR 25:

1093.53 (down 4.09%)

Large Cap Dividend Top 50:

1054.87 (down .52%)

Precious Metals Complex:

4865 (down 2.98%)

General Liquidity:

1036.73 (down .97%)

BRIC Basic Materials:

1068.62 (2.56%)

Wonder Dogs:

411.65 (down 1.52%)

Leaders of the Pack:

836.47 (down 1.50%)


here's a chart of the Trend & Value 50 for the past 54 closes (should be 55, but we skipped Christmas Eve):

the more defensive and/or blue chippy issues on the market got something of a bid today, mitigating the net decline on a diversified index like the T&V50 (and the Dow for that matter). but you can see that the higher beta stuff was hit pretty hard. not unexpected, considering the near-universal strength we witnessed on the recent run-up.

the General Liquidity Index has backed down some, schau mal:

the usual contraries like T-Bonds, natural gas, and the nippy saw decent gains today, while the GLI's metallic exposure took a sizable hit.

finally, here is a chart of our first dynamic index, the Foreign Blend:

we just started tracking the FB at the turn of the year, but I dare say that it (along with a static version I've analyzed in the newsletter) is proving useful already.