Friday, January 8, 2010

what kind of Catastrophe would you like?

as billed on Naked Capitalism (from where I lifted the vid) this interview with Simon Johnson is rather amusing:

what is also amusing to me is how much of what I write ends up being spouted off on cable shows and other more mainstream media weeks and months after I express it. not that anyone is systematically cribbing my thoughts or anything like that (not enough people reading my stuff for that to happen) but just how a logical idea about the future develops over time. zeitgeist, oder?

It was early last year (I'll have to dig out the newsletters) that I explained that the next phase of the crash/crisis/contraction would center in the so-called emerging markets and completely collapse that bubble. I still, and more than ever, think that will come to pass, but it's that damned timing thing. I tried to be patient most of last year, then I got impatient in the fall, now I'm trying to be patient once more, but still alert, cus I'll get really pissed at myself if I miss the move when it finally arrives. it would all be so much easier if I just received a royalty when my ideas appear on TV six months later. even an anti-IP anarchist can dream...

having said all that, you may also wish to entertain a differing view from the calm and intelligent Jonathan Auerbach: