Thursday, February 11, 2010

Follow Me on Google Buzz

I am really excited about the new Buzz service Google has embedded into my Gmail account. I have always found social networking a drag and have so far avoided it, but the way Buzz is set up should allow me to disseminate my research in a more fluid manner.

I will continue to use the blog to post less consequential thoughts and charts, and the cool thing is that my blog posts are automatically crossed posted to my Buzz page. Additionally I will be able to share items from Google Reader on Buzz, which finally gives me a reason use Reader on a regular basis.

But what really sold me on Buzz is the ability to limit who can read what. Each time it posts something, it gives me the option to put it in the public domain or to have the entry viewable only to members of one or more of my gmail contact lists. This will allow me to publish short updates and observations that only subscribers to the Trend & Value Letter have the privilege of seeing.

So I highly suggest that subscribers to the newsletter activate Buzz in their Gmail accounts and start following me. If you currently receive the newsletter in a different email account than your Gmail account then simply send me the Gmail address that you will be using for Buzz and I'll add it to the premium access list.

If you do not have a Gmail/Buzz account already, sign up only takes a minute, and it is super easy to get the service configured. Visit to learn more and get started.

The URL to my Buzz page is below. Click now and start following me. There is not much there now actually, but moving forward you will find a steady stream of blog posts, news of interest, private updates for subscribers, and more.

The following video gives a brief description of the Buzz service.