Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Index Data

Closing values for Tuesday, March 16, 2010:

Trend & Value 50:

1056.17 (up .59%)

China Small Cap ADR 25:

960.65 (down .33%)

Precious Metals Complex:

4760 (up 2.48%)

Commodity ETFs:

2094 (up 1.34%)

BRIC Basic Materials:

1044.91 (up 1.38%)

Penny Banks:

1094.29 (up 1.39%)

Foreign Blend:

7188 (up 123)

General Liquidity:

1029.53 (up .97%)


43.49 (up 3.7)


Good bounce nearly across the board today. Bonds up, stocks up, gold up. A genuine reflation day. It happens though that we get good reflation days like this (fairly rare occurrences) sometimes right before a big shift in the market takes place. Not that I know what such a shift would entail right now, but whatever positions you have I wouldn't get too complacent about them.