Sunday, April 18, 2010

Index Data and Observations

Closing values for Friday, April 16, 2010:

Trend & Value 50:

1087.05 (-1.24%)

China Small Cap ADR 25:

922.92 (-2.48%)

Precious Metals Complex:

4771 (-2.21%)

Commodity ETFs:

2118 (-2.06%)

BRIC Basic Materials:

1062.58 (-3.60%)

Penny Banks:

1222.45 (-1.68%)

Foreign Blend:

7564 (-309)

General Liquidity:

1035.76 (-1.24%)

S&P 500 Momentum Composite:

28.46 (-12.3)

S&P 500 Breadthalyzer:


S&P 500 Notional Volume:


S&P 500 Notional Advance:


All ETFs Diffusion:

70.02% (-7.03)

ETFs Notional Volume:



What an absolutely horrible day in terms of broad indicators I track. For instance, the Breadthalyzer at .01 -- it doesn't get much lower (worse) than that.

Friday could well prove to be an inflection point in terms of breadth and intra-market leadership, but that doesn't mean that the broad stock market benchmarks are going to roll over and die immediately.

I still think a fading gold price is the best indication of a secondary deflation around the corner. But with gold range bound, the jury is still out.

Also, I thought Treasury prices were supposed to be collapsing? I wonder what the hold up is?