Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moving into Mining Stocks

we (okay, I) continue to monitor the chart highlighted in the previous post. the Precious Metals Complex has indeed dropped below 36, as anticipated.

yet spot gold remains at least $75 above the $1145 target while silver declines to show any relative strength. so even if they haven't yet been invalidated, the parameters aren't quite aligning as neatly as hoped. but how creepy would it have been if they did? markets sometimes develop according to one's precise whim, but such ego stimulations prove brief. at a major turn I'd prefer the pocketbook to inflate.

so from here we are moving from a cash position into gold stocks (buying FSAGX). space it out into five or 10 purchases until fully invested. try to buy on down days.

if this develops too far beyond last month's parameters we'll look for an exit, but for now I think we are on the right track.